Monday, September 10, 2007

Food Labels - proposed changes

The South African Government has proposed changes to food labels in South Africa. The government has asked for comments and submissions from the citizens of the country. The media release from the government states the following:

"The regulations deal specifically with health and nutrition claims with the aim of ensuring more honest and responsible food labels and marketing practices. They are intended to promote consumer education by either highlighting particular nutritional content of food in a responsible manner or by indicating the role of a particular food or food component or nutrients in the maintenance of health. The criteria for all categories of nutrition claims (nutrient content, glycaemic index and comparative claims) and health claims (function, enhanced function, reduction of disease risk, probiotics, prebiotics and slimming claims), level the playing field for all food manufacturers and ensure the quality and reliability of information that is intended for consumers."

We wish to find out how the proposed legislation will affect those of us that need nutritional information eg carbohydrate content to plan our meals etc...To view the full government document click on the link below. Leave your comments on this blog and I will send it to the Department of Health.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Krish

Thank you for doing this

Please recommend that they include whether the food, or its constiuents, contains genetically modified incredients
and whether the food or its constiuents have been irradiated.

I didnt have time to reread the whole proposal but I see they are giving the full name for chemicals and thats great. Organic claims must be ratified by the appropriate national body and not just applied as a 'sales tag'

all thanks