Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Living with diabetes: Daily Routine

One of the main issues with living with diabetes is understanding that there is no cure but only treatment. When insulin was first discovered in the 1920's it was thought that this was a cure. Sadly it turned out to be merely a way to treat diabetes. The daily routine that faces diabetics can be daunting and we have to always be planning ahead. I actually cannot remember a day for the past 22 years when I did not have to think about my insulin injections, blood glucose testing and my diet.
But we have to continue with our lives and not allow the routine to become an obstacle. When I was initially diagnosed I had to explain to friends what diabetes was. And it was difficult for many of them to understand it. Until one day I thought of a simple analogy: A person without diabetes is actually driving an automatic car, while having diabetes is like driving a manual car with the clutch and gear shift. We have to do a bit more work to keep ourselves moving forward.

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Amylia said...

Hmmm...maybe that's why I've always been partial to manual transmission cars, like the one I drive now. :)